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January 3, 2018

Oklahoma Photography - Your Awesome Photos Just Got Better

The long story about a new and old lens

As my photography journey has progressed through Sports, Seniors, Models, and even a few Weddings, one thing has stayed the same - my 70-210 lens.  Well, until now.  Bear with me a minute, this turns in to a long personal story....

When I started shooting sports 20 years ago, I needed a zoom lens.  Unfortunately, I didn't have a ton of money.  I went to my local camera store and found an OLD, used Tamron brand 70-210 f2.8 lens.  And, when I say old, I mean OLD.  Digital cameras had taken a pretty good hold on the photography world and someone had traded in the lens for the film camera for a new one.  Even though that lens was not designed for digital cameras it seemed to work on mine.  So, for $500 I walked away thinking I had just picked up the greatest thing in the world.

Over the course of 20 years, that old film lens and I have shot a ton of stuff - Gymnasts, Cheerleaders, Football, Basketball, Seniors, Weddings, Models, you name it, that lens has probably seen it.  Every time I go back into that camera store, they laugh because according to them there is no way that lens should still work with my current camera.  But, I've taken care of it and tried not to abuse it too badly.  In the last 4-5 years, I did rent a lens for cheer competitions just because I didn't want to take a huge chance when shooting for someone else.  

Finally, during this last football season, my old friend started giving me problems.  I started having problems focusing.  It was extremely slow.  And, when it would catch focus the pictures were often very soft.  Age and technology had finally taken it's toll.  While my lens wasn't completely dead, it was certainly on it's last few breaths.

So, my birthday and Christmas roll around.  Every year I ask for money so I can buy something big.  Every year family complains that cash is SOOOOO boring.  And, in a way they are right.  It's not too exciting on Christmas morning to just open an envelope when everyone else is opening big boxes of new clothes and other stuff.  But, in the end, I'll take my cash and run because I know I'm going to turn it into something great.

This year, between birthday, Christmas and a couple other things I ended up with enough to replace my failing old 70-210 lens. The next question was with what?  I REALLY wanted the prestige of having a Canon L Series 'white' lens.  With my budget, I would once again be buying a used lens.  I did a ton of research and read some incredibly good things about the Tamron G2 70-200 lens.  It was often compared to the Canon lenses and in some cases it was described as being better. The Tamron lens had two very important features that I couldn't overlook - a BRAND NEW lens was IN MY BUDGET.  So, the Tamron won out.  I ordered it and it came in today.  I couldn't be more thrilled!!

The first few test shots I've taken are noticably better than my old lens.  

So, here's a special THANK YOU to my family.  You're boring Christmas gifts and going make me happy every time I shoot for years to come!!  And, to my clients,  your images just got better!

Who wants to take it on a test drive?

Oklahoma Photography Christmas Gift

Saying good bye to my old friend of 20 years on the right and welcoming a brand new beast into the family. 


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