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Are you a Model?

If you can dream it, you can do it!

Do you have what it takes to be a model? Do your pictures show that? A model’s portfolio is their path to moving their career forward.  The portfolio needs to be a living entity. The goal of a great portfolio is not to simply fill it up with a bunch of photos. A model's portfolio should tell a story about who the model is, his or her brand, and the direction the model is heading in their career. It is much better to have three or four great shots than 10 mediocre shots. A model's book is a work in progress, it is never finished.  With that in mind, a model must be constantly shooting, practicing and improving.  I keep my model photoshoots flexible and affordable so we can work together on multiple occasions without breaking the bank.

A strong model portfolio will typically contain seven to ten of your best images. But not just any image. The portfolio should consist of seven basic types of images. 

  • Head Shot – This is a good clean image of your head and shoulders.  While this could take on several variations, a head shot is typically done with very minimal or no makeup.
  • Full Body Shot – The body shot is designed to show the models proportions and body type. This is typically shot in simple form fitting clothes such as skinny jeans and tshirt or an athletic bra and spankies.
  • Swimsuit Shot – The swimsuit shot is much more difficult than it may seem.  Knowing your goals and purpose is extremely important.  Swimsuit shots will be inherently sexy but they should never be slutty or overtly sexual
  • Fashion Editorial Shot – The fashion shot is where your creativity can begin to show through.  Run, Jump, Dance – Smile and have fun.
  • Commercial Shot – In a commercial shot, you will your emotions to show through the image. Happiness, sadness, pain and many other emotions need to show through in a commercial style shot.
  • Smiling Shot – The previous five types of shots are often use more serious, somber expressions. Be sure to include a solid head shot emphasizing your beautiful smile.
  • Closing Shot - Always close your portfolio with one of your strongest photos. Another great beauty or head shot that is a little different than your opening shot is perfect. Most people only remember the very first and very last shot in your book, so make sure these shots are your strongest ones.

Photos that show the model’s versatility and their ability to express themselves create interest and show how well the model can actually tell a story or portray a feeling or emotion in their images. 

OK Male Fashion Model OKC Edmond Moore

Are you ready to shoot?

Building your portfolio is an investment in your career.  It is difficult to capture each of the seven different types of images in a single setting. My model photoshoots are designed to be flexible and affordable to help you can create the perfect portfolio. 

Images delivered after a model photoshoot are high resolution digital files and are not watermarked. This will prevent any problems with when submitting the images to agencies or magazines.  Printed images are available on request at reduced pricing.

Fashion Model Agency Pictures

Choose from two packages for individual shoots - one for digital images only and one for digital and print images.

Portfolio Building Series

3 Shoots, 3 Concepts, 1 Awesome Portfolio at a greatly reduced rate

Free Shoots, Group Shoots and Workshops

Every year I shoot roughly eight to ten free model shoots and attend two or three group shoots and workshops.  Participating in these shoots are a way to receive portfolio quality images at no charge. 

My free shoots often center around improving an element of my photography.  Some items I may be focusing on include lighting, posing or creating stock images for editing.  These shoots tend to be a little slower paced and more relaxed.  We may spend quite a bit of time experimenting. The results, however, typically end with a small set up superior images.

Group shoots and workshops are typically faster paced more focused.  One of my goals is always to be extremely efficient by only shooting the highest quality shots.  We may only shoot a total of 20-25 shots. But I expect nearly all of them to be usable.

After your shoot, you will receive a fair number of images for yourself and I will share an additional four or five unique images on my blog and social media.

If you are interested in a free shoot, please let me know a little about your concept by completing the TFP Request below.  Once we determine that the concept is mutually beneficial, I will begin formal planning and scheduling for your shoot.

Teen Model Pix Port

Request A Free Shoot

Do you have a great concept to capture? Are you interested in a free shoot?
Submit a request and tell us a little about your ideas.  We'd love to consider your ideas.


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