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Affordable High End Wedding Photography

Our Oklahoma Wedding Photgraphy services are designed to provide high end photos at an affordable price in the Yukon, Mustang, Bethany, El Reno and the entire OKC metro area.   It doesn’t matter if you have a traditional formal wedding or a casual outdoor ceremony, we take pride in capturing the same quality photos of your wedding as a high end photography company without breaking your budget.

So, what is the best way to tell about my approach to wedding photography?  Why not tell you about dancing?  Dancing? Yup, it’s crazy but hang with me,  I’ll get there.   When I married my beautiful wife nearly 25 years ago, we had a very formal and traditional wedding ceremony.   It was a beautiful wedding. The images reflect that.  But, it was also a little boring and stuffy.  My children both wanted something more exciting - something special and memorable – starting with the Father Daughter Dance.  My youngest married first and want something completely unexpected.  In the dark of the night completely in secret, we spent weeks practiceing until we were finally ready on her wedding day to dance to “My Little Girl”.  We had a blast with Kym’s Father Daughter Dance.  My older daughter decided to carry on the new tradition when she married.  Since she was very little our song was “Butterfly Kisses” so there was no question that it would be our Father Daughter Dance. Well, until things got a little wild.  Jess’ Father Daughter Dance took her guests by surprise and also gave us great memories.

So, how does that pertain to photography?  Well, I approach all of my weddings as if they were for my own children.  You are not just another event to me.  I want your day to be special.  I want you to relax and be confident that every memory is captured in pics so you will be free to enjoy the day without worrying about your wedding photos.  My job is photography. Your job on your wedding day is to be the star.  As much as possible, it should be stress free and most of all it should be fun.

"I'm in love! You captured so many amazing moments!! We also think you're like a ninja we don't even remember you taking half of these but I'm glad you did! - Mrs. McDonnell (9/9/2017 Wedding)

When I first read this, I was thrilled that Mrs. McDonnell loved her wedding pictures.  I was happy that I had delivered all of her amazing moments.  But, I was a little caught off guard by the ninja comment.  I had never really thought about my style of shooting being “ninja” like.  Eventually I realized it is actually a perfect analogy.

I have a strong history of shooting sports, I have become accustomed to capturing the critical moments at an event without getting in the way of the action.  I bring that same philosophy to my wedding photography.  I bring a relaxed style of coverage to your wedding day. I will step in and take control for the critical moments like cutting the cake or tossing the bouquet. But, most of the time I prefer to step back and shoot the rest of the day from a candid perspective that captures all of the natural love and joy you experience on your wedding day.

Your wedding day is all about YOU.  It is YOUR special occasion. It is YOUR perfect day.  Amazing wedding pics of all the special moments are an incredibly important part of making the day complete.  Therefore, it is important to me, as your photographer, to NOT be memorable.  We want to be the “ninja” that moves through the day with you, shadowing your every move, capturing every moment, but not upstaging you in any way.  When you choose Fry Photography to cover your wedding, you can be confident that I will get the photos you want and many other “ninja” pics you didn’t even know we shot.   Relax and enjoy your special day, leave the photos to me.

I would love to schedule a personal consultation to discuss your wedding and the amazing images we will capture.  Please call/text 405-823-0557 or email  At your personal consultation, we will discuss the details about how I shoot weddings, the photography you want at your wedding, and how we will be the perfect match. 

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!!  I am looking forward to working with you.

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