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Senior Pictures in Yukon - Where Did The Summer Go

August 24, 2017

Senior Pictures in Yukon, Oklahoma

Where Did The Summer Go?

Ugh!  What happened to summer? If you're like me, you started out the summer with big plans and a list on things you wanted to get done.  One of those things might have been taking your Senior Pictures in Yukon, Oklahoma. But, again if you're like me, the summer completely slipped away and many of the things on your list are still just sitting there waiting to be done.

Now that school is back and in full session, having the time to do the things on your list is not going to get better, it's going to get worse.  You still have all the usual school activities – football or softball games, Homecoming, band concerts and Prom.  But, you are also going to have added pressures that come with your Senior year – Are you getting a job or going to college? What college?  Did you fill out the right scholarship apps?  Where are you going to live? Will you keep your old friends?  How will you make new friends?  Oh, by the way, did you remember to take your Senior Pictures or will the year go by with that still being an item on your list that really needs to be done?

Believe it or not, all the extra decisions and activities are what make your senior year so special.  Set aside some time away from all the hustle to enjoy and reflect on what's happening around you. Yukon, Oklahoma will always be “home” and you're only a High School Senior once.  Pictures will help capture the moments.  GREAT pictures will capture the memories!

Your Senior Year is truly the best of times and it will slip away from you quickly.  And, don't forget to book a shoot and capture the memories with some killer Senior pictures.

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Senior Pictures in Yukon - Where Did The Summer Go
Senior Pictures in Yukon - Where Did The Summer Go
Senior Pictures in Yukon - Where Did The Summer Go
Senior Pictures in Yukon - Where Did The Summer Go

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