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Couples Pictures - Not Just For Engagements!

December 15, 2017

Yukon OK Sunset Couples PicturesWhen young couples contact me for pictures it's typically because they recently got engaged and want to book engagement photos.  So, naturally, my response is to say something like 'Congratulations, when's the wedding?' Of course, I've occasionally been known to be wrong.  Such is the case with my most recent couple from Yukon.

Tinesha came to Fry Photography based on a recommendation from a friend.  She was looking to have pictures with her boyfriend taken quickly to use on Christmas cards.  Our schedules lined up and we were able to set up a shoot on short notice.  We were fortunate enough to catch a perfect December evening with a beautiful sunset.  We worked quickly and got some great images finishing up in a local cotton field just as the last bit of light faded away.

It's always fun to shoot with young couples whether is for an engagement or not.  Oh yeah, about that engagement, these were just for fun for now.  But, who knows? Christmas IS just around the corner.

If you're looking for Couples or Engagement pictures, give me a call or text at 405-823-0557. I'd love to capture your love for each other.

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