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Photo Galleries - Where are they? And, how do I view my pictures?

March 2, 2017

I've recently been getting a lot of questions about what happened to the client galleries on my website.  The short answer to that is simple:  They're gone.

Online client galleries have been both a blessing and a curse for a number of years.  They are certainly an easy and convenient way to show clients the pictures we shot.  It also allows my clients to select the pictures they would like to order.  On the surface, that sounds like a good thing.  BUT…

There were problems, almost all of which center around selecting and ordering pictures.  What was designed to be a convenience often became a lower priority and eventually completely lost among the myriad of other items that take up our time.  It is not uncommon for a client to view their images on their phone immediately after receiving the notification that their gallery is available.  This is typically followed by a nice message saying how much they love their pictures.  Unfortunately, life continues to happen  - basketball games, dance practice, sick children, problems at work, vacations and a whole host of other things continue to eat away at our time.  The next thing we know, weeks, months and in some cases years have passed and none of the pictures have been ordered.  This is frustrating for both my customer and for me.

So, in an effort to give a better client experience, online galleries are no longer available.  Every session booked through Fry Photography will be conducted in two parts – the shoot and the reveal.  The shoot is exactly what you would expect.  We'll get together and shoot some amazing images.  They may be in studio, on location or a little of both.  It doesn't really matter where we shoot.  What matters is that we'll have a plan and we'll work our plan to create images you will be proud of. Once that is complete, I'll take those great images and make them even better.  Every image needs a few minor touch ups to make them spectacular.  Then we will get back together to look at the images.  You will be able to view the best of the best from your shoot.  During this meeting, we will also select the images you want for yourself.  You may only want digitals or you may want prints (I highly recommend prints. More on that in another post).  Either way, we will complete the process so you will have the full final images you were hoping for.

Photo Galleries - Where are they? And, how do I view my pictures?
Photo Galleries - Where are they? And, how do I view my pictures?

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