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Senior Photoshoot - Part 1, It's starts with preparation

March 13, 2017

Tips on how to prep for your Senior photoshoot...

Believe it not, your session with your photographer is not the most important part of your photoshoot. It's all in the preparation. Getting the photos of your dreams is all about encapsulating your personal style and personality, so here are some tips on how to make the most of your time in front of the camera to tell a story all about you.

Know what you want

Have an idea of the vibe, scene or image you're wanting to portray with you photos. Is it your everyday look? A bohemian goddess? Do you want indoors or outdoors? Let your photographer know what you're thinking!

Plan your wardrobe

In a photoshoot you have limited time; you don't want it spent trying to figure out your wardrobe on set. Plan outfits and have them organized the day of the shoot. Remember to always bring a backup just in case!

Practice your hair and makeup

If you're not hiring a professional hair and makeup artist, it's very important to practice your look before picture day. Have back-up hairstyles in case the weather isn't cooperating and be sure to watch tutorials/learn how to do your makeup for photography (because it is different than your everyday wear).

Be yourself

After all the hours you've spent researching looks, picking out your photoshoot attire and learning how to style camera-ready beauty, it's time to relax and be yourself. Come photoshoot time remember that your photographer is there to help your personality and beauty shine through.

I'd love to hear from you! Leave a comment or question below and let us know how you prepare for a shoot.

Blog Entry Courtesy of  Leigha Elizabeth    Insta: @nerdypeackock

Senior Photoshoot - Part 1, It's starts with preparation
Senior Photoshoot - Part 1, It's starts with preparation
Senior Photoshoot - Part 1, It's starts with preparation

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