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Planning for College - Dealing with Senioritis!

March 28, 2017

Missing class, dipping out on homework, snapchat during English… if this sounds familiar, you may be dealing with senioritis. While difficult to get motivation on the last year of high school, it's important to remember how crucial even that last semester is. Your future college acceptance can still take your final grades into consideration and financial aid may be affected if you slack off. As you approach the last nine-weeks of schools, here are some ideas to keep you going strong till the turning of the tassel.

...Remind yourself: it's only a few more weeks! You can handle more than you realize; give yourself credit and power through.

...Create memories: you may never be with your exact friend group again- with college, jobs and life after high school, it's important to cherish the last few moments you'll all be together. Make a photobook of the last four years and take advantage of how fun a coffee-shop study sesh can be together.

...Journal about it! Not only can future you have something to look back on, it will relieve stress getting away from the books and getting your thoughts out on paper!

...Reward yourself: Celebrate the small victories by giving yourself incentives to complete tasks. “When I finish this paper, I can buy a lamp for my dorm….. or ice cream.”

...Get excited about the future days to come: Graduating HS is full of exciting times. Getting your cap and gown, taking your last test and having senior pictures taken! Remember that all your hard work has a fun perk when you're done!

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Have a tip for dealing with Senioritis?  Leave a comment and let us know.  We'd love to hear from you.

Blog Entry Courtesy of  Leigha Elizabeth    Insta: @nerdypeackock

Planning for College - Dealing with Senioritis!
Planning for College - Dealing with Senioritis!
Planning for College - Dealing with Senioritis!

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