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Pictures - With A Purpose!

August 29, 2017

Senior Pictures – With a Purpose!

Way back in the early stages of my photography life, I was very diligent about giving back to the organizations I worked with.  As HotShots Photography, I was focused entirely on action sports and I built my business around the idea that it should help support local youth.  I worked very closely with the Flip Center Gymnastics and Yukon High School to cover gymnastics and all the school sports – Football, Basketball, Cheer, Pom, Wrestling, Baseball, Softball, etc.  During that time, I made it a priority to give a portion of my photography earnings (sometimes as much as 40%-50%) back to the booster organizations of these teams.  These were good times.  I LOVE photography and it gave me purpose to be able to help the local community as much as I possibly could.

In recent years, I have taken a step back from the sports and therefore severely slowed down the charitable portion of my photography.  Hurricane Harvey has changed that.  I have family living in League City, TX – a suburb south of Houston.  Like everyone else in the area, they have been hit hard with the flooding. Watching their Facebook feed and seeing the devastation throughout the area has brought the need for to have a purpose with my photography again.  It's not just about chasing a dollar.  That's not the way I started and that's not the way I want to move forward.

Because of Hurricane Harvey, I am going to revive my philosophy of giving back.  I have created a special booking page fully dedicated to helping with Hurricane Harvey.  Click here to book a Hurricane Relief Photoshoot

$125 Hurricane Harvey Relief Shoots will include:

30-45 Minute Photoshoot

One Location

Two Outfits

15 Digital Images

10% off additional images and print products

$75 Donated to Hurricane Harvey relief (exact benefactor still to be determined, but will most likely be the Texas Red Cross)

**Must be booked by September 15th, and shoot completed by November 15th.   All shoots will be in the Oklahoma City Metro area unless specific arrangements can be made.

While I certainly hope the Class of 2018 will take advantage of this offer to supplement their full set of Senior Pictures, it is in no way limited to High School Seniors.  If you are thinking about getting some new pictures for your family, with your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend, build your modeling portfolio or just do something fun for yourself, this is a great way to treat yourself and help others in a time of need.

I am setting myself a personal goal of a $1000 donation.  So, PLEASE take a moment to share this post with friends, family or anyone who is looking for a way to help.  I will post updates to this blog periodically until the donation is complete. 

Pictures - With A Purpose!

Senior Styled Photoshoot

Downtown Oklahoma City during one of our recent rainstorms.
Pictures - With A Purpose!

Senior Styled Photoshoot

Downtown Oklahoma City during one of our recent rainstorms.

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