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Senior Portraits - Memories are Priceless

September 2, 2017

“We take photos as a return ticket to a moment that is otherwise gone”

I'm really struggling today.  I set aside the afternoon to work on marketing for my photography business.  One of the tasks I need to complete is writing a creative and inspirational blog that will somehow lead to tons of Senior picture bookings.  But, I just can't seem to focus.  My youngest daughter is home from college taking a nap on the couch.  My oldest daughter is texting me letting me know how much fun she's having at the OU football game.  And, I keep finding myself staring at the 20x30 canvas prints of their Yukon Senior pictures we have hanging on the wall wondering where the time has gone.

When I look at the picture of my oldest daughter, I remember going to band contests in Mustang, Oklahoma and going to Friday night football games In Yukon, Oklahoma waiting for the best part – the halftime show. I remember spending time working with her on how to change camera settings to get better pictures and how to crop pictures to get the strongest image so she could help put together what would be an award-winning yearbook. Then I look at my youngest daughters' picture and I remember cheer competitions, pep rallies and taking cheer pictures. I remember being a chaperone on a trip to Memphis where my daughter and the rest of her cheer team participated in the halftime show of a college bowl game.  Looking at these pictures make me happy.  They make me proud. They make me feel good.

But, why should you care?  As a high school senior, what difference does it make to you that some guy is setting at home being nostalgic?  The answer is actually very simple – because that is soon going to be you and your parentsGraduation will be here much faster than you can imagine.  Then it will be college, jobs, moving into an apartment for the first time and before you know it, your mom and dad will be sitting at home looking at a canvas of your High School Senior pictures thinking about the good times when their children were at home.

When you schedule your Senior portrait photoshoot, be sure to plan on purchasing a few large prints from the images.  I'll write a full blog on prints vs digitals later. But, for now, keep in mind that your Senior portrait package is not truly complete unless it contains both prints and digitals.  Memories are priceless, pictures trigger those memories. 

I would love to help you create Senior pictures that will one day have your parents sitting around wondering where the years have gone.  Call 405-823-0557 or click to schedule your shoot.

We love to hear from you.  Mom, Dad – what are you looking forward to during your child's Senior year?  Seniors – What are you most looking forward to participating in this year?

Senior Portraits - Memories are Priceless

Yukon High School Senior 2012

During a vacation trip to her great grandparents in south Texas the summer before her Senior year, Jess and I slipped away to grab a few pics.
Senior Portraits - Memories are Priceless

Yukon High School Senior 2012

Jess getting ready to shoot an event for my sports photography business during her Senior year.
Senior Portraits - Memories are Priceless

Yukon High School Senior 2014

Kym getting a few shots at one of the favorite Senior picture spots in Yukon.
Senior Portraits - Memories are Priceless

Yukon HS Senior Cheer and Pom 2014

Kym and the rest of the Senior Yukon High School Cheer and Pom members jumping for joy as the approach graduation.

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