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January 8, 2018

Oklahoma Senior Photography

Fashion Styles for the Guys

Men's Fashion for Senior Photography

"You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it."

How many Senior boys are super excited for their Senior pictures?  It's OK.  I've been there - It seems like a hundred years ago, but I've been there.

Back in my day, my mom handed me a suit and tie and said let's go. And, I went grumbling all the way.  I put on my tie and suit jacket, sat in the chair and endured the shoot.  The pictures are stiff a boring but they're me and years later I am proud of them.

As the years pass and new Senior guys go through the ritual of Senior pictures, many things will stay the same BUT many things will also change.  Moms still want their sons to look like handsome, young gentlemen. They're still going to hand you a suit and tie and say 'let's go'.  But that's where things can change...

Senior Picture Fashion Style for Men Oklahoma City

Senior Pics don't have to be boring.

The days of sitting in a chair for a few quick shots are gone.  Yes, we will probably shoot a couple classic headshots.  But your Senior photoshoot will be much more than that.  

Embrace the suit and tie and rock it like a boss!  A good looking pair of  sunglasses or a cool scarf completely change the look of a suit from stiff and boring to rich and powerful.

We can also steal a theory from the Real Estate world - Location, Location, Location.  Getting out of the studio for your Senior photos is a game changer.  The studio is not all bad, but it can add to the stiff and boring look if your not careful.  Moving out into the street with the whole world behind you gives you the look of being in charge.

So when mom brings out the suit and tie, just smile and say 'yeah, I got this!'

038  Fashion Fitness   Oklahoma Male Model.jpg

Senior pictures take on a relaxed vibe when you throw a jacket over your shoulder.

Posing Senior photos keeps your pictures interesting and fun.

Of course, your Senior pictures would never be complete without grabbing a good muscle shirt and showing off the guns.  Relax, have fun, and enjoy your shoot!


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