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Trash the Dress

August 19, 2020

Why Not Ruin A Perfectly Good Dress?

Divorcing the reasons to not

Trash The Dress

Trash the Dress photoshoots are a TON of fun!  Getting dressed up then doing something totally unexpected and outrageous in some strange way makes perfect sense in 2020.  Think about it, a beautiful bride wearing white wedding dress standing in the middle of a river with her family or friends throwing water and paint at her is just about a twisted as this pandemic, protest filled year has been.

So, what’s holding you back?  There are two common myths that often cause people to overlook this type of shoot:

Myth #1

I'm not divorced

So? You’re trashing a dress not your marriage. The last 6 months have been crazy.  We’ve been quarantined.  Businesses have shut down.  Wearing masks in public is becoming the new normal.  Sports have been cancelled or pushed back.  We’re all stressed and need a virus safe activity to release some of the tension.

This shoot can easily be a family outing.  You can’t tell me your husband wouldn’t LOVE to throw buckets of water at you.  What about your children.  Creating memories is one of the best things you can do as a parent and they will talk about throwing paint at Mom for years.

Trash the Dress shoots originated as a way to ‘celebrate’ a divorce.  But, that certainly doesn’t mean you have to be divorced to enjoy this shoot.

Myth #2

I don’t have a dress or don’t want to ruin my dress.

Perfect!I’ve got you covered.  I stumbled across a wedding shop advertising dresses cheap.  I went to buy 3-4 and ended up with SIXTY.  Yup, you read that right 60 wedding dresses.  Most of them are perfectly good dressed.  Some of them do have a little minor damage.  The damage is just enough to prevent them from being sold as actual wedding dresses.  This makes them perfect for a Trash the Dress photoshoot.

Since we’re gonna destroy the dress anyway, many of the details the you would typically be a source of stress at a wedding can now just be relaxed and fun.  The style and fit of the dress aren’t all that important.  My current stock of dresses range from size 6 to 14.  There are a variety of styles so finding one you like should be easy.  Hair and makeup is another detail that isn’t important on this shoot.  You’re gonna get wet and dirty.  There’s no need to spend hours getting special hair and makeup.

2020 has been a crazy, memorable year not for good reasons.   A Trash the Dress photoshoot is crazy and memorable in a positive way.   Don’t wait to schedule your shoot.?

Planning a wedding is stressful.  Planning this shoot is FUN!

Big splashes are possible with a little help from the 4-wheelers.


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