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Oklahoma Senior Photos - Priceless

September 12, 2017

Oklahoma Senior Photos

Senior Photos in Oklahoma – They're important. They're timeless. They are worth it!

Like many others, I watched Hurricane Harvey devastate south Texas the followed Hurricane Irma for days as it approached Florida and finally made landfall.  One particular news story stood out to me because it was a real world example of something I have believed for a long time.

One reporter in Florida caught up with a lady as she was loading her car preparing to evacuate before the hurricane hit.  Leaning against her car were 4-5 large framed prints and canvas' of her family.  Already loaded in the backseat were 5-6 boxes that she indicated were filled with albums and prints she had accumulated over the years.  The reporter badgered her a little about not taking anything but pictures.  Where are you clothes?  What about the dishes and small kitchen appliances? Her response was priceless and perfectly illustrates exactly why photography is so important to me.  The lady never hesitated with her answer.  She said ‘this is my life. These are my children when they were babies. These are my grandchildren. These are the things that are precious and irreplaceable.'

In Oklahoma, Senior Photos are not in danger of being ruined by a hurricane.  But, tornadoes, unexpected tragedies or even something much less sinister like the children growing up and leaving home do happen all the time .  High Quality, professional images trigger the memories of your life.  They make us laugh. They make us cry.  These are the things that will be priceless to us when we are really put to the test.

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Oklahoma Senior Photos - Priceless

Senior Photos Oklahoma

Oklahoma has some lake settings that provide great backdrops for Senior Photos.

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