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Oklahoma Children's Photography

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Our Children are our

Greatest Blessing

My photography interests have always followed my own children’s lives very closely.  When they were in school and active in band and gymnastics, I focused on action and sports photography.  As they neared their graduation, I started adding Senior portraits and Models to my portfolio. Then came boyfriends, marriage and the addition of Wedding photography.

Not long ago my youngest announced she was pregnant. Very soon after that, my oldest let us know that she was also pregnant.  So, it is only natural with two grandbabies on the way that my photography business will now complete the circle and include children’s photography. 

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Teamwork makes the

Dream Work

As a photographer not only do you have manage the technical aspect of good photography, but you also have to navigate the many personality types of children, understanding how they respond and engage. Knowing the best tricks for getting children to engage, look at the camera AND smile takes a very specific set of skills. With that in mind, I have partnered with a special assistant who happens to be one of the best early childhood educators in the state.For 19 years, she was the director of a child care center. During that time, she was responsible for the health and safety of 170 children every day.When it was time for a career change, she left the private sector and moved into a public school classroom where she now teaches 2nd grade.I have been fortunate enough to bring her on to my team.Her ability to pull priceless expressions out of children leaves me free to focus on the technical aspects of the photography.?

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