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Oklahoma Tween and Teen Photography

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Tween and Teen Portraits

You don't have to be perfect to be AMAZING!

You capture your children as infants, toddlers, and then again as High School Seniors but sometimes we forget those years in between. The years from 9-16 can be awkward and weird. This is the age where they are no longer little children but not even close to being adults, the “In be-tween” stage.  During the tween and teen years, they’re getting braces, they’re exploring different activities such as sports and music and they’re slowly changing from children to young adults. They have so much personality and laugh at themselves and with each other. That is what makes these years a lot of fun!

Why not find the things that make your child unique at this age and capture them in a really cool way. Our Tween  and Teen Photo Sessions are designed to capture personalities, boost confidence and celebrate lifelong friendships.

Our Tween and Teen Sessions are customized to be authentic with a bold and vibrant style.   We start out working DIRECTLY with the parents to make sure that we develop a photo session that will be positive and fun.   These sessions can be a huge confidence boost for them. To help with that, we encourage you to let them be a part of the planning process.  Let them share their inspirations; wear those ripped jeans, mismatched outfits, show those fierce faces, or embrace those braces. Just let them be themselves.  When it’s all said and done, know that together we will be producing magazine-style images that will stop anyone in their tracks.  ?

FAQ's from some of our Teens

You are Kind. You are Smart. You are Important.

What should I wear?

We want your photos to reflect YOU and since each person is different, every wardrobe will also be different.  We do suggest avoiding too busy patterns as they can be distracting (however bold patterns can look great!) We are always here to give suggestions. A good discussion about your clothing choices help us get a good feel for your style and plan ahead for your shoot!

Should I get my hair & makeup done?

We recommend having your hair & makeup done. It is not required to have professional hair and make up if you are comfortable with doing it yourself. We want you to not only look but also feel your best.  Feel free to do your own hair and makeup or leave it up to one of our professional partners to ensure you look absolutely gorgeous!  Besides that, a professional makeover adds to the fun and gives your shoot that “Red Carpet” feel.  With tweens and teens, the amount and style of makeup will of course depend on the goals of your shoot.  For most tween sessions, the best rule of thumb is to go easy with the makeup and apply just enough to highlight their look.

Will you tell me how to pose during my shoot?

Absolutely! We will give you lots of ideas and directions throughout your session to help you feel at ease. Sometimes the best photos are the candid ones because that is when you are at your most relaxed. We will coach you along and make you feel comfortable and confident. This is your time to shine!

Who should I bring with me to my shoot? 

We require an adult to be present at all of our Tween and Teen shoots.  Typically, this will be mom or dad.  In a few rare cases,  an older sibling or a friend may also be acceptable as long as you’re comfortable in front of them… they can be very helpful with outfit changes, lip gloss touch ups etc.

How long does my session last? 

Teen & Tween sessions are usually 1-2 hours giving you plenty of time to fit in at least 2-4 outfits (depending on how quick you can change!)

Where do I change my clothes?

That will depend on the location of our shoot.  We will always strive to have a private restroom or dressing room available.  If we shoot in a location where a restroom is not available, we will have to be creative.  We may provide an individual sized pop up changing tent or be prepared to turn your car into a dressing room!  Regardless of what we come up with, we will always ensure you have a place that is discreet and private for you to change.

Should I schedule a studio or on-location setting?

I love shooting both in studio and outdoors, so it is entirely up to you. My primary studio area is in the Midtown area of Oklahoma City. It has large windows providing  plenty of natural light allowing us to create a variety of looks. We also have tons of urban and rural outdoor locations to choose from in the Oklahoma City metro area.  So, either way, you can’t go wrong, and I can help you decide!

How do I get started?

The first thing I will want to do when you message me for an appointment is include your parents in the conversation. I will communicate with you through your parents. They are critical to creating a successful shoot.  We will then schedule a pre-session consultation. This may be done as a phone conversation but we prefer to meet in person.  I’d be happy to buy you and your parents a drink while we discuss your goals for your session. We will discuss the location, session style, clothing, favorite colors, props and favorite poses. All of your questions will be answered. My goal is to better understand how I will create a successful experience for you from start to finish.

YES!  Digital files are available along with your print purchase.  We understand that you want to to share your incredible pictures on social media.  But, we also know that there is magic you will not yet understand in a printed image.  Therefore, every purchased image includes both a digital file and a professional print from one of the country’s finest print labs.

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